Young Life Camp T-Shirt Designs

Each year, our Young Life (YL) area creates camp t-shirts for our summer camp trip. Usually, the tee reflects current events, popular culture, area-relevant ideas, or even inside jokes from the past year. Here are the t-shirt designs from last year and what we are brainstorming for this year’s camp trip.


The above design features one of our Club kids that has been coming all year. Basically his hair is awesome, he is liked by everyone, and this t-shirt was a huge hit!

Below are some ideas for this year’s shirt. Our area is all about the Blue Crab, so we thought we’d feature it.

YL Shirt 2013_v2

We’re thinking about having the shirt be a neon orange-red color. Neon is a big draw and a huge clothing fad right now among teenagers.

Wedding of the Year!

My sweet, sweet friend (and Bayside Bride co-worker), Natalie tied the knot just last month to her boyfriend of 7 years! Her wedding was breathtaking. Everywhere you looked you saw love. I am thankful to not only be one of her friends, but was also a bridesmaid! She even let me head-up a couple of projects like table numbers, several chalkboards placed around the property proudly displaying the couple’s hashtag for Instagram and Twitter, and a few other projects. Here’s a glance at the table numbers and a chalkboard, created by Yours Truly. For more amazing shots of the wedding, check out the talented photographer Katelyn James or the bride’s very own blog post here. The photographs are courtesy of Katelyn James.

photo-10 photo-9